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Renacer/ Rebirth


45 x 23 cm


Technique: Collage, mixed media, hand cut paper in vintage shadow box.

Materials: Paper cut-outs, plastic skulls,twigs,stickers, temporary tattoos, wooden crown,gems,plastic head, ceramic vase. 

This shadow box assemblage is called Renacer, which means rebirth in Spanish. The composition has three parts. The bottom part shows skulls coming out from a dead tree. It represents the need for change from a toxic situation. The middle part shows three swords into a heart. It represents the pain caused by the situation. Finally, the top part shows how the skulls from the bottom have flourished and become a new being, surrounded by flowers and a crown, symbols of spiritual achievement.
If you know the Tarot, you might find several symbols from three cards: The dead, the three of swords and the judgment.

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