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In Parallel Universes, I present artworks that I have remixed for several years in my studio. This body of work is an endeavour aiming to bridge cultures through art.


My creative process consists of sorting a plethora of objects; pop images, toys, trinkets, or others; to find simple matches. Upon bringing together these objects, I may put that arrangement aside and revisit it from time to time, adding details until the assemblage is complete. The themes of each work come from having a dialogue with the objects and exploring the stories they tell when they are positioned together.



I found some of these objects by chance and some others with persistence. They are also part of my immigration process from Colombia to Canada. Each one of his artworks is a snapshot of my identity, where multiple layers of my life converge in the same universe. I compare selecting and remixing objects with the way we accommodate memories and references to define our identity. What I have left and what I still carry with me, both materially and emotionally, can be seen in my art.  

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Mixed media, assemblage art
Mixed media art
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